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Expanding Service Area

We are expanding our service area to include 

- Minneapolis, MN

- St.Paul, MN

- Hugo, MN

- Brooklyn Park, MN

- Plymouth, MN

- Anoka, MN

- Mankato, MN

- Rochester, MN

- Elk River, MN

- St. Cloud, MN

- Marshall, MN

- Sioux Falls, SD

- Lincoln, NE

If your community is not specifically named, give us a call! It may not be listed yet.

While we may be new your community, we are not new to Emerald Ash Borer. We've lived through the passing through of Emerald Ash Borer in Columbus, OH in the late 2000's. We moved to Minneapolis, MN and again have been living through it again. 

We know what is coming. It is like watching a very slow giant unrelenting title wave that is coming. You see it coming and you can tell everyone and some are reacting, other are not. 

Having lived through it, I was waiting for some unmistakable sign to let me know, I personally needed to take action. I had sales guys knock my door and there was a disconnect between..."Treat your Tree" and the voice in my head..."I'm an arrogant field biologist, the tree looks fine!"

We have started the Save Our Street Program to help get the message out in a way that is more effective in getting the word out and helping home owners want to take action. Contact us about starting the program in your area.

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