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Our Ash Tree Solution

When we created this company, we wanted to approach this from holistic and fresh perspective keeping the customer at the center. We look for elegant solutions that incorporate the full scope solution. We also look for innovation that delivers economically and simplicity.  

Lowest Price Guarantee:  If there is another company that offers a similar product meeting our same standards, provide the estimate and we will meet or beat it. 

Money Back Guarantee:  If your tree dies from Emerald Ash Borer while under our treatment, we will refund 100% of your money. 

Protection Duration


We offer a two year injection for both Ash and Oak trees. We tag your tree with one of our medallions so that you can check to see how many years it is good for.

Don't worry, when your treatment has expired, we will reach back out to you and schedule for it to be treated again.

Ash Tree Chemistry


If you don't protect your tree, you will lose it

We are extremely excited about using Emamectin Benzoate as the active ingredient for protecting your trees.


University research has persistently shown that this chemistry outshines all the other alternatives. It has lasting residual impact for protection against Emerald Ash Borer while minimizing impact to beneficial insects like bees and lepidoptra (caterpillars, butterflies, and moths).

Unlike other active ingredients that begin to lose efficacy over time, this one doesn't. The other exciting point about this chemistry is that research has shown it to last up to four years.  

If you geek out on technical information like we do, you will enjoy this extension bulletin put out by the University of Minnesota, Michigan State University, and The Ohio State University. It goes over many of the commonly asked questions about the insecticides used to control Emerald Ash Borer. 

University answers to FAQ about Emerald Ash Borer treatments

Oak Wilt Solutions

Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt is a fungal infection. Whether in humans or trees, they are difficult to manage. Red oaks are much more sensitive and susceptible to oak wilt. 


If a red oak is infected with oak wilt, that is the end. Once infected with oak wilt, red oaks can not be saved. White oaks on the other hand can be saved, if caught early enough. 

We use products with propiconizole, an antifungal. Many trees are saved with this treatment approach. We recommend preventative treatment as curative treatment is not always possible. 

If you geek out on technical information like we do, you will enjoy this extension bulletin put out by the University of Minnesota,

To reduce spread of oak wilt, do not prune your oak tree until mid October to March when the tree is dormant. Oak wilt is spread through root grafts and insect vectors.


Injection Tech

There are a number of ways to apply the chemistry between a soil drench, spray application, and injection. Hands down,  injection was the best approach for safety and efficacy. The injection ensures delivery to the tree where it will be translocated protecting the leaves, bark, and cambium tissue of the tree. 

Customer Service

It is not enough to provide the technical solution, but it is also important to provide excellent customer service. Contact us today and schedule a time to inspect your property and protect your ash trees.

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