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'Save Our Street' Program

Even though Emerald Ash Borer has been in the US since 2002, there are still many that don't know about it.


We've driven some treat the sole remaining ash tree. Unfortunately, some residents are unaware or are waiting until their tree shows signs before taking action to save it.


Emerald Ash Borer can fly up to 15 miles to infest an ash tree.

Our Save Our Street (SOS) is designed to build awareness and urgency saving ash trees in whole neighborhoods. 

Here's How It Works

Applications to our program are currently being accepted. Once accepted, we will print and ship you corrugated plastic signs to post around your community. We will provide the supplies (signs & zip ties) to post the signs, we recommend attaching them to existing signs in the neighborhoods similar to neighborhood watch signs to increase awareness.

Signs in the community are better than direct mailer post cards. The postcards last a moment and then are discarded. Our custom signs posted in the neighborhood repeat exposure and confirm it is on your street. 

Brooklyn Park - Sign Posting.png

Need More Than Two Signs?

If you want more than two signs, let us know. The signs and packages do cost us moolah and we'd like to know where they are going to be placed. Even after they are posted, it can take 1-3 months before your neighbor get's the hint about treating their tree...

How to make a map

1. Open up

2. Lookup your address

3. Drop pins where you expect to place the signs

 - We will provide zip ties to attach them to posted community signs

 - Do not attach sponsored signs to STOP sign poles

4. Set 'Sharing' to anyone with the link

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