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Seasonal Tree Care Specialist - $23-28 per hour

Want the best job in the WORLD! You get to hang out under trees all day, cool breeze, and save trees. Do you love plants and trees? How about learning? How about working with happy home owners? This is a part-time summer job 20-30 hours per week. Looking for an experienced and licensed tree injector. Seasonal position only, June-September. 



- Inspect trees for emerald ash borer, oak wilt, or dutch elm disease

- Treat for Insects and Disease on trees

- Deep root fertilize trees and shrubs

- Consult homeowners on the best management options for their plants

- Learn and apply proper tree injection techniques

- Treatment and control of invasive trees and shrubs


Job Requirements:

- Have own vehicle

- Valid Driver’s license

- Must be in good physical condition

- Good communication skills with customers, employer and coworkers

- Tech savvy to use our phone app

- Ability to make calculations for injecting trees

- Ability to identify common trees in MN

- Ability to obtain a pesticide applicator license

- Safely and legally handle and apply pesticides


Preferred Candidate:

- Certified Pesticide Applicator License

- Junior or Senior Undergrad student in Plant Biology, Urban Forestry, Biology, or similar field

- Alternative experience will be considered

- Preferred Degree in Forestry related program

- Preferred Certified Arborist



$20-35 DOE

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