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Do I have an Ash Tree?

Let's find out!


There are a few different varieties of ash tree, White Ash, European Ash, and Black Ash but they all have similar leaves, bark, and seeds.​

Ash Tree Treatment



The leaves of ash trees grow in a formation called pinnate. They comprise 5-11 leaflets. The leaf edge is serrated or jagged.

Green ash tree leaf

Green Ash - Usually a lighter green color.

Black Ash Tree Leaf

White Ash - Usually a darker green leaf color with larger leaflets.



The seeds grow in mass and are an elongated teardrop shape. 

Ash Tree Seeds



Older trees have rough bark, younger trees have smooth bark

Ash tree bark

Need more information? Here is a downloadable fact sheet by the University of Michigan with additional tree information. Also try the Arbor Day Foundation online Tree Identification tool.

Still not sure? Email us pictures of the leaves and bark to and we'll get back to you.

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