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What Makes Us Different?

Staff Experience & Access

We focus on the customer experience from start to end. At the core of this is, we make it easy. For example, we're just a click away. We respond to every email we are sent.


Have questions about your tree? Something doesn't look right? 

Email us at and we will respond. Most questions can be answered by shooting us a picture and we respond within 24 hours. 

If your situation needs more support, we can send someone out to look at your tree and work out a game plan to find the answers. We may need to take samples and send them to the UMN for testing. In that case, testing starts at $150 per sample. 

Treatment Approach

There are three main types of treatment.

1. Injection - Professional Equipment Required

2. Bark Spray - Professional 

3. Soil Drench - Homeowner

Our Injection Approach

Our injection approach is the gentlest and most comprehensive available. Our injection equipment leaves minimal traces behind. We drill 1/4 inch holes in the base of the trunk and then hook up our injector system. We measure out the correct dosage of chemistry for the size of your tree and then pressurize the system. The chemistry then is injected into your tree. Kinda like IV's for Trees.


We use Emmamectin Benzoate as the active ingredient for injection. This active is highly effective against EAB, but it is also gentle on the tree. The formulation of Emmamectin Benzoate we use is also a water base solution. These are more difficult to formulate, but are also more gentle on the tree.  

Proper training is also key to our team. Every team has a licensed pesticide applicator, this is legally required by the state. The pesticide applicator license ensures the tech understand Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles along with safety procedures for chemical handeling.

In addition, we have an internal certification program. Our internal certification picks up where the pesticide applicator license leaves off. We cover areas such as tree identification, insect and disease identification, EAB life cycle and more. We cover proper injection and application procedures. Once they have completed all the training requirements, they receive their STAT Certification.

Our injection ports after 10 weeks

Injection Hole
Injection Hole
Injection Hole

Competitor Injection Approach

ArborJet Injection Plug
Competitor Injection Hole

Not everyone uses the same injection system. Different injection systems are available on the market. Each uses a different approach to their injection. The major down side and the reason why don't endorse other systems is the plugs that are left behind.


Plastic plugs are left behind in the tree. With the plugs left behind the tree is supposed to grow over them...? We are not sure why the system was designed this way. We leave no plugs behind and allow the tree to naturally heal itself. Within a year, you can barely find any injection ports.

We've seen injection plugs as small as 1/4" and as large as 1/2". Many of the major tree service providers use these systems. 

We make it easy

Let's be honest, as a home owner you have so many other things to monitor and worry about. We get asked all the time, will you contact me when we need to do the injection again? YES!

Our simplicity starts with our tag. It has our phone number and next treatment date. Most other provider tags indicate the year the treatment was done. Let's make it easy and just indicate when the treatment expires. On the back of the tag we scribe a unique ID code we use to track your tree in our system.

We have built our own business management system called Fraxsys. We use it to track your tree and injection. We take pictures so we can compare it between years.

When it is time to do your injection again, we will email several times, make a few follow up phone calls, and mail you a reminder card. We will make confirmation to do the injection before putting you on the schedule. We'll give you an approximate price for the injection, but won't be able to confirm the cost until we show up and measure the tree again. We update our records and then confirm the cost and proceed with the injection.


If your property has lots of trees we are treating, we will GPS them with their ID Code. You will be sent access to your GPS map. We set up our system to find them in the future so that you are not having to start over. We will be able to find and treat them with minimal effort on your side. 

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