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  • Amber Tempesta

Watering Your Trees

Amber here with Save The Ash Tree! I am passionate about the environment and doing my part to help the trees in our communities survive and thrive. I hope I am able to provide some helpful tips and advice to homeowners who are eager to save their trees!

Summer is here and with the change of season there are many things that can be done to help improve your tree’s health. 

Watering your tree can be important to keeping it healthy and happy. To make sure your tree is getting the amount of water it needs to thrive here are some tree care tips to follow;  

  • Water your tree at its drip line, the drip line is the area at the outer edge of the canopy. This is a more effective method than watering your tree directly at its roots. 

  • A simple way to water your tree using this method would be using a hose and letting it run for an hour in an area along the drip line, moving the hose about three times along the outline of the canopy. This process can be repeated every 2 to 4 weeks to encourage a stable growth pattern.

  • Research has shown, drought-stressed trees are more susceptible to EAB.

Save The Ash Tree also provides other tree care services like;

Tree fertilizer spikes, we provide tree spikes to help bring a steady supply of nutrients to the soil around your tree.

Oak wilt treatment, red oak trees are very susceptible to oak wilt, and once infected can lose about 90% of their leaves in just 1-2 months. White oaks can take several years to die of oak wilt, steadily losing leaves during summers.

Two lined chestnut borer treatment, we treat trees that are infested with TLCB the same way we treat trees infested with EAB.

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