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  • Amber Tempesta

Status Update - Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer was first discovered in 2002 in Detroit, Michigan. Researchers believe it hitched a ride on some wooden crates from China.

Despite the fact that the pest has only been relevant for 22 years, the damage it has caused is extensive. EAB has killed over 100 million ash trees in North America since their arrival. 

The way Emerald Ash Borer is able to travel so far is through the shipment of infested wood, which could explain its untimely arrival in the United States.

The spread of EAB was rapid and it has become a pressing issue for homeowners everywhere because an infestation could mean the death of trees they love in their communities.

Originally, when the pest was first recognized, counties in the United States attempted to enforce quarantines to contain the pest, this unfortunately was unsuccessful and the problem has become so widespread that there is no hope of isolating the issue.

Emerald Ash Borer distribution has continued across the United States. The two major advances in the spread is the discovery of EAB in Oregon and Colorado to the West. It ihas spread South to Texas and Louisiana.

The best choice to keep EAB away  from your trees is through prevention and treatment.

Some arborists may recommend removing a tree when treatment is still a viable option. Tree removal can be expensive, and saving these trees can be a cheaper and more practical option for homeowners. Protection not only a fraction of the cost of tree removal, but it also helps maintain value in a property.

Save The Ash Tree wants to put our all into saving trees and helping homeowners fairly choose the best solution to their EAB problems.

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