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Save Our Street (SOS)

These picture pretty much sum up what the Save Our Street Program is all about.

It is kinda hard to get everyone on the same page about the nature of Emerald Ash Borer.

EAB coming through The Twin Cities is actually my second time going through this.

While living in Columbus, Ohio, it hit my neighborhood.

At first I questioned myself...why is that tree dying? Trees die all the time...

Even though I was a plant biologist, my daily biologist activities weren't intersecting with this tree issue. ds

Emerald Ash Borer is like a slow moving wave that lacks a feeling of urgency until it your tree is showing undeniable signs. 

I lost my own ash tree in Columbus. It was too easy to deny the level of slow emergency. One year our tree looked sickly, the next it was too late. 

Nope. Looking back, we were warned and companies even knocked on our door warning us. Looking back, we would have gotten the tree injected...but what was missing?

Over the years, I've found that neighbors talking to neighbors and friends is the most effective way to influence. 

Honestly, I've knocked hundreds of doors to get the word out. At times I'd been treated with the chagrin of a used car salesman trying to take their money. 

Save Our Street (S.O.S.)

We are launching a new community support program, unlike any other. 

We are partnering to sponsor signs for individual streets and neighborhoods. We will cover the cost of producing the customized signs. We just want a sponsor on the street. 

How The Program Works

  1. Contact us about getting signs made for your neighborhood or street.

  2. Post two signs in your neighborhood one at each side of your street (If you want more than two, reach out directly)

  3. Attach to an existing street sign, like Neighborhood Watch

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