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Ash Trees Losing Leaves - Curled, Cupped, and Spotted

I've been contacted several times in the last week about client's ash trees losing leaves.

The tree is dropping an unusual amount of leaves. The leaves have a cupping to them along with some brown splotches or spots. 

Most are concerned that their tree might have been affected by the ash tree treatment we did last year. In this case, there is correlation...but not causation.

The University of Minnesota Plant Disease Clinic is diagnosing them as having Anthracnose.

In most cases it is a non-lethal fungal infection.

If it continues to drop leaves in 3-4 weeks, then circle back and we will investigate further. The cupping may last longer in the season as those leaves may stay on the tree. 

The warm winter and the current rain are impacting this rise in anthracnose infections. 

This disease can also infect other trees like oaks.  

Feel free to share this with concerned neighbors. As always, Emerald Ash Borer is still a high level threat to Ash trees in our community.

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