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Ash Tree Identification

Emerald Ash Borer is killing many trees in the area, and it can be hard for homeowners to know how to identify an ash tree, and how to identify an unhealthy one. 

Sometimes ash trees can be tricky to identify at first glance but when knowing a few key traits they become more noticeable.

Ash trees have a compound leaf shape, typically containing 5-11 leaflets on a leaf. These leaflets fall on directly opposite sides of the stem. This makes them fairly easy to identify.

Ash trees typically also have bark that shows distinct ridges that are diamond shapes, and the color can vary from a pale brown to gray.

Ash trees in early stages of infestation do not show as many obvious signs, it can be difficult to tell that an ash tree is infested in the first year or two of infestation. Prevention is the most effective treatment but trees infested with EAB still have a good chance of being saved after they start showing signs.

You can identify an unhealthy infested ash tree in a few ways;

  • Thinning canopy

  • Dead branches

  • Sprouting on trunk

  • Woodpecker damage and bark splitting

  • D shaped exit holes

Identifying ash trees and signs of emerald ash borer can be very important for homeowners to become aware of any issues with their home and property. A pest infestation like EAB can be taken care of through proper treatment and care. 

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