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Is My Tree Affected?

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) can infest a tree up 15 miles away.

If there is a tree showing signs within a few blocks of your house, yours is most likely infested.

If you've never seen an EAB on my tree, how do you know?

EAB is going to start by infesting the canopy, not the trunk of the tree. It also doesn't usually hang out on the leaves, it usually burrows under the bark. 

Your tree can have a low level infestation for several years before showing any signs of damage.




"Save The Ash Tree was great to work with, very knowledgeable and I was able to get our tree treated very quickly. I am so happy to have my ash tree treated to protected. So happy and pleased with this company!"

~Amy A.


"Save The Ash Tree really is about saving trees. Kenny was timely in getting over to measure our remaining three trees. He was timely in getting us his proposal. He was super cooperative in timing his treatment for when the risk to pollinators (bees and butterflies) had past. We wanted to kill pests, not pollinators. Finally, I'm delighted to have found a tree guy who gives a four-year guarantee for his work."

~Jim E


The first visible sign of damage is the thinning of the canopy. In the picture to the right, we can see the lower left limb thinning compared to the rest of the tree.

The thinning canopy also means that it might need removal the following year.


Below, we can see no difference between a health tree and the first two years of an infested tree. However, in year three that we see the thinning canopy. 

The size of the tree will also impact the number of EAB it will take to thin the tree.


Smaller trees will require fewer EAB before it dies. Larger trees will take a whole lot more.

Chat with a professional for $0.00

You can chat with us for $0.00, nada, nothing.

Your questions + Our expertise = Answers

Send us a picture of your tree by email, text, or snail mail...(where did you leave that Polariod...?)...

We'll let you know what we think and next steps.

Signs it may be too late

•  Dead limbs

•  Bark chipping off

•  Chunks of bark pealing off

If you'd like to chat with a professional or get an opinion, we're available.

Infestation Progression

EAB Infestation over years.PNG

What if my tree is infested?

Tree injections are the easiest and most effective treatment.

We use the best chemistry available. We consider it the Rockstar of EAB protection. 

We offer two levels of protection:

- 2 year injection

- 4 year injection

Many clients like the four year injection, in case they forget...

Our injection comes with a guarantee that if your tree dies from Emerald Ash Borer while under our program, we will refund 100% of the injection cost..

How much does it cost?

Before we give you a cost, we need to know the circumference of the trunk at breast height (~4.5 feet from the ground).

Fill out the form to the right and we reach out with an estimate. 

When you are ready to move forward, we'll get you on our schedule.

You don't need to be present for the injection, but many of our clients like to see the injection.

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