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DIY Resources

Our purpose is to make saving your ash tree as accessible as possible. So many home owners want to explore their options. 

While the DIY approach is more affordable, for some people, it is just the best approach. We'd like to support you in that. We've had our team look at the options and have created links to the best products in the market. Below is an explanation of each approach with summary instructions. 

We'd also like you to note, that the DIY options are only good for one year. So you will need to be doing this again next year. Our professional program is guaranteed for two or four years. 

Application rates are usually based upon the size of the trunk of the tree.  To measure your tree trunk, measure at breast height or 4.5 feet high.  

Safety First

We highly recommend you read the directions thoroughly to ensure you apply the product correctly and with the right amount. We also recommend using proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as rubber gloves. Any clothing that comes in contact with the product should be washed twice consecutively.

Spray products are more prone to drift. We recommend at a minimum a hat, long sleeves, long pants, and rubber gloves. 

Caution: Pesticides are neurotoxins. Different ones have differing levels of toxicity. Treat them with respect and care while applying them to your tree.

Soil Drench

Mix the treatment into a bucket and then pour out around the base of the tree. 

Pros: Systemic uptake through the roots. It soaks into the soil, limiting exposure to children and pets after 24 hours.

Cons: Messy. You shouldn't reuse the bucket for anything else. You should avoid getting it on your shoes, they can become contaminated.

Effective only for one year

Product Recommendation

Trunk Spray

Mix the treatment into a spray tank and then spray on to the trunk of the tree. Make sure to read the labeled directions and you apply the right amount. Apply as down wind from you.

Pros: Doesn't contaminate the grass for secondary exposure to children and pests. 24 hour re-entry time.

Cons: Application with a sprayer can have drift issues especially applying at head level. May be difficult to find application rates. 

Effective only for one year

Product Recommendation

We don't have a recommendation for a consumer product to use in this capacity. You may find a product that contains either active ingredient imidacloprid or dinotefuron. Both provide protection, but dinotefuron performed better in university studies. We cannot provide guidance on application rates.

Granule Application

This product is probably the easiest to apply. You spread the product out over the ground surrounding the tree.​ Then you water the granules into the ground. You may need the whole bottle or more depending upon the size of your tree.

Pros: Easy to apply. 

Cons: If not watered in enough, animals and children may come in contact with the granules. Lasts only one year.

Effective only for one year

Product Recommendation

Consumer products we don't recommend

We don't recommend consumer based plugs. These are only good for one year. The holes from the previous year should not be reused.You will need to drill new holes each year. The plugs are big and do not break down. Over time, you can girdle your tree which will eventually kill it.   


Each of these products are recommendations. We do not provide a guarantee on the use of any of these products. University research and private research has been conducted on the active ingredients used and has been shown to be less effective than the professional treatment through tree injections.

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