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Ash Tree Treatment Cost

What it is going to cost to treat your tree? 

For a rough estimate, this our tree hugger pricing to give you a range. 

1. Can you wrap your arms around your tree and touch your fingers? 

- Around $150 (Our minimum is $150)

2. Can't touch your fingers?

- Between $150-$250*

3. I need a friend to hug this tree

- Between $250-350

* Low crotch trees need all limbs measured at 4.5 feet.

For a more accurate price, fill out the form below. It only takes a few minutes. 

At the end of the day, what matters most to us is making sure your ash trees get the treatment they need to fend off Emerald Ash Borer.

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Client ~John H.

Why Save Your Trees?


You love your tree! Most often, we are contacted because a homeowner loves that tree in their yard. It is like a family member. 


Cost of treatment is cheaper than removal. Cost of treatment is usually 10-20% the cost of removal. Removal can cost $1000-3000+.


Replacement cost is impossible, you can't buy a tree that size. Trees also shade our houses and reduce our cooling bill.


Property value. They can add $500-5000 per tree. Depending upon location, size, and aesthetics. Larger trees usually add more value.


Losing Our Ash Tree

We had an ash tree in our front yard. It was my favorite tree. It sent me to work every morning and greeted me every night. It shaded our walk way and home. Emerald Ash Borer started killing trees in my neighborhood and I was slow to react. One year it looked just a little sick.


We thought it might didn't. The crown died out the next year and we had to cut it down. My heart sank and there was a pit in my stomach. 


I do this to help others and get the word out. 

Why Chose Us?

~Anna R.

The team was timely, professional and knowledgeable. Inspected our ash trees thoroughly and recommended services based on the condition of each tree. We look forward to many years of beautiful ash trees thanks to Save The Ash Tree! Highly recommend!

Shirley Englemeir Ash Tree 2.jpg



Our team has over 20 years of pesticide applicator experience. The owner, Kenny,  has personally trained each member of the STAT application team. He is a trained botanist. Read more about his professional experiences. 



We are so confident our treatment will protect your tree, we offer our Money Back Guarantee. If your tree dies from Emerald Ash Borer while under our protection, we will refund your money for that year's treatment. 


Injection Technology

We evaluated all injection systems on the market and have selected the best in class injection system to use on your trees. Our injection system offers the highest quality injection for your tree, while minimizing impact. 


Low Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price, send us the quote and we will match it. The Low Price Guarantee service must be an Apples to Apples comparison: Professional injection at the same rate using Emmamectin Benzoate

Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our approach that we guarantee our work. If your tree dies from Emerald Ash Borer while under our warranty, we will refund your money for that year's treatment. 

With Emerald Ash Borer populations skyrocketing this year, unprotected ash trees will eventually die. We get calls regularly from homeowners asking if we can save their tree. Sometimes it is too late.  

If you are new to ash tree injections, and have questions, please reach out,

How We Work

We like to make things easy, from beginning to end. 

Our clients already know they need their trees treated. We don't need to send out an sales rep to sell clients on needing more services before they get on our schedule.

We only need an accurate circumference measurement of the trees you want to save. If you have more than five trees, we'll send a rep out evaluate and help you plan. 

If your tree needs an inspection, then when our team comes out, they are also trained to provide individual tree assessments. We'll assess and treat on the same visit.

The USDA has provided reports and maps showing Emerald Ash Borer sweeping across the nation. It is not new news to anyone.

By measuring your own tree, we are able to get you on our schedule faster. Measure the circumference (all the way around) the trunk at 4.5 feet high. Pricing is based upon the circumference in inches (e.g. 73 inches or 121 inches) 

If there are additional question about your tree, you can always send us pictures for further diagnosis. Most issues can be easily seen within the pictures. The form below has spots to upload pictures of your tree.

Why Were Different

We DON"T do tree trimming, Tree removal, stump grinding, land clearing. We leave that to others. 

Tree injections is all we do. Ash trees, Oaks, and Elms. We focus our time and energy on doing injections. We treat hundreds of trees, every year.


Most arborists usually treat under under a hundred annually. 

Ash Tree Treatments

How we Work...

~John M.

Save The Ash Tree Co. were outstanding! While the entire area is battling EAB, they made time to come look at our tree(s) the day after I called, then treated a couple days later. This after talking with another company that couldn't come take a look for 3 weeks. They answered all of our questions including a multitude of non-tree related inquiries! Extremely knowledgeable without sounding arrogant. The day of treatment they were on-time, super friendly, and super quick. I will be using them in the future with no hesitation. Thanks again!

Save The Ash Tree Reviews

Ready For An Estimate?

Find out what it will cost to save your ash tree. Click the button below to go to our form, fill out your contact information and the circumference of your trees.

Normally, we will get back to you within 5 minutes or less. 

The Science

Ash Tree Injection Video

Ash Tree Treament
YouTube Logo

The Science

Let's be honest, we geek out on treating trees. The science behind what we do is very important. We treat hundreds of trees every years.

We love our tree injection process. Not all injection processes are the same, or deliver similar results. 

For some home owners, the system used to inject their trees may not matter. For us as applicators, we look at not only what is best for the tree, but also what is effective. 

See below for reasons why we love this system for tree care purposes.

50% Off


Our Plug-less System


The absolute #1 thing we love about our injection system is, it is plug-less.


The tree's natural healing abilities close up the holes to be barely noticeable after about six weeks.  


Competitor System

Small Holes

Our hole size is a little less than 1/4 of an inch, which is smaller than the thickness of a pencil. Which minimizes the impact on the cambium lay of the tree. 

We also frequently change our bits to ensure sharpness and a clean cut.

Some competitor holes can be as large as 3/8 of an inch, which is 50% larger


The Chemistry

We use Emamectin Benzoate. 

Out of College I worked in the R&D at The Scotts-Miracle Gro company. I would do product testing of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. 

Compared to other chemistries, Emamectin Benzoate is a Rockstar Chemistry. It does what a great chemistry is supposed to do. It is hard on Emerald Ash Borer, but gentle on the trees. 

Even Distribution

Our injection process ensures a good distribution of the chemistry through the tree. 

Starting with placement of the injectors. We have 2-3x more injection points than competitor systems. 

The number of injection ports impacts the distribution.


Within a tree trunk, the cambium is the circulatory system of the tree. Imagine a series of straws surrounding the tree trunk. The will transport primarily vertically, but have some vertical connections. 

Contact Us Form

Our Process

We Make It EASY! 

To get a quote ASAP:

1. Fill out the form to the left.

2. Measure the circumference (not the diameter) of the tree at 4'6" high on the tree. Measure to the nearest inch. 

3. Submit the form. 

4. Receive an email with your quote

All estimates are valid for 5 days and within a 20 mile radius. Otherwise a travel fee may be applied.

~Heather H.

Great customer service from start to finish for the treatment of our ash trees. Will definitely use them again in the future when our trees need another treatment. Fingers crossed that it can help our trees that are pretty far gone.

~Ailyn A.

I am so grateful to Save the Ash Tree. We have a large ash tree with EAB and I was told I’d just have to watch it die. They explained that it can be saved and walked me through all the steps of the process. He was patient and taught me about EAB. He is clearly passionate about what he does. He can within 24 hours of me contacting him and the cost was extremely reasonable with the work guaranteed. I’m so grateful to Save the Ash Tree! Highly recommend. “…and the tree was happy.”

~Angie J.

We are very grateful for serving us in Dodge Center, MN. Kenny was very knowledgeable and pricing is very reasonable; much more cost effective than cutting down our tree or replacing it. Save the ash tree truly cares unlike other places that just offered to cut our tree for a lot more money than treating. Thank you for helping us save our beautiful tree! We look forward to continuing to work with you.

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