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New to Emerald Ash Borer? ...Maybe You're Looking For a Quote on your Ash Tree Treatment? 

Emerald Ash Borer is killing ash trees all over the Mid-West. Every ash tree is susceptible to Emerald Ash Borer beetle.

Where do you start on navigating what is the right thing to do for your ash trees. Emerald Ash Borer treatments are all that we do.


Is emerald ash borer a serious threat to your ash tree? Absolutely! 


Ash tree treatments have been shown to be very effective in protecting ash trees. 

If you are new, we offer no obligation free consultations to help you understand your options.​

Can my tree be saved? is one of the most common questions we get.

What does an ash tree treatment cost? Cost of treatment is a key factor in your decision process.


Do you do Emerald Ash Borer Treatments near me? We're expanding our service area.

We've got the answers you are looking for!

Our Process

We Make It EASY! 

1. Fill out the form.

2. Measure your tree. 

3. Receive an email with your quote.

All estimates are valid for 5 days and within a 20 mile radius. Otherwise a travel fee may be applied.

~John M.

Save The Ash Tree Co. were outstanding! While the entire area is battling EAB, They made time to come look at our tree(s) the day after I called, then treated a couple days later. This after talking with another company that couldn't come take a look for 3 weeks. They answered all of our questions including a multitude of non-tree related inquiries! Extremely knowledgeable without sounding arrogant. The day of treatment Kenny and Josh were on-time, super friendly, and super quick. I will be using them in the future with no hesitation. Thanks again!

~Ailyn A.

I am so grateful to Save the Ash Tree. We have a large ash tree with EAB and I was told I’d just have to watch it die. They explained that it can be saved and walked me through all the steps of the process. He was patient and taught me about EAB. He is clearly passionate about what he does. He can within 24 hours of me contacting him and the cost was extremely reasonable with the work guaranteed. I’m so grateful to Save the Ash Tree! Highly recommend. “…and the tree was happy.”

~Charles B.

Treated my ash tree for protection against Emerald Ash Borer. Very competent. Careful attention to detail. Fair price.

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