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Marshall Ash Tree Treatment


Client ~John H.

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Why Save Your Trees?


You love your tree! Most often, we are contacted because a homeowner loves that tree in their yard. It is like a family member. 


Cost of treatment is cheaper than removal. Cost of treatment is usually 10-20% the cost of removal. Removal can cost $1000-3000+.


Replacement cost is impossible, you can't buy a tree that size. Trees also shade our houses and reduce our cooling bill.


Property value. They can add $500-5000 per tree. Depending upon location, size, and aesthetics. Larger trees usually add more value.


Losing Our Ash Tree

We had an ash tree in our front yard. It was my favorite tree. It sent me to work every morning and greeted me every night. It shaded our walk way and home. Emerald Ash Borer started killing trees in my neighborhood and I was slow to react. One year it looked just a little sick.


We thought it might didn't. The crown died out the next year and we had to cut it down. My heart sank and there was a pit in my stomach. 


I do this to help others and get the word out. 

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