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Saving Your Ash Tree

If you are here, we are going to guess you have an ash tree and would like to save it. We are on a mission to save as many ash trees as possible. We are passionate about this because we had our own ash tree that was killed by Emerald Ash Borer around 2009 while living in Columbus, Ohio. It was a big and beautiful ash tree that welcomed us home every day.

We had several people knock our door and and tell us that it looked infected. Personally, in my arrogance, I thought, "I'm a plant biologist, I know better. Sure, it looks a little beat up this year, but it will rebound and look better next year." However, it didn't. The next year I was cutting it down because it looked so bad with dead limbs. I had heard about Emerald Ash Borer, but hadn't really studied it.

We moved to Minneapolis in 2012 and bought a house with an Ash Tree. Around 2016, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) arrived in Minnesota. Since then, EAB has been an unrelenting force killing ash trees across the state.

We founded Save The Ash Tree Company as a way to get the word out and protect ash trees. We love ash trees, but they are one of the most non-distinctive trees and realized many people can't identify one. They don't have the distinctive leaves of the maple or oak. They don't have the bark of a birch or beech. They just look like the quintessential average tree that graces so many homes and yards.

Take a moment to read about Our Solution...

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Our Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee:  We are the only tree injection company that guarantees our injection for four years. If your tree dies from Emerald Ash Borer while under our treatment, we will refund 100% of your money. 

Treatment Deadline

All treatments must be completed by September 30th   


Offer #1 - Insider Guide to Being Your Ash Tree's Hero

If you are still researching Emerald Ash Borer and your ash tree's biggest HERO. We've developed an insider's guide that will provide professional level insights. We tell you everything. We evaluation the DIY options along with the professional ones. It could save you $100. It is a digital copy and will be emailed to you after check-out.

Insider Guide $5

Offer #2 - Protect My Ash Tree

If you are ready to move forward, we are ready to help. We provide tree injection services across the twin cities. We can provide treatment services outside the metro for a small additional charge.

Click the link below and fill out the online form. We need you name, address, phone number, and the circumference of your tree at about 4.5 feet high. We will send you an estimate and then we can book your treatment. The one thing that sets us apart is our Four Year Treatment Guarantee. 

No Obligation Estimate

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